6 dic. 2013

New Postcards - December 6, 2013


Club Penguin is getting prepared for the holidays and they just released some new postcards to send for your friends.

You can also send a postcard present for anyone! The present is the Holiday Toque, an item from 2010.

This is how the item looks like in game and on your playercard:


Coins For Change 2013 Homepage, Log-in Screen and Log-off Screen

Hey there!

Operation: Puffle is now over and the Holiday Party 2013 is approaching! Club Penguin is bringing back the annual Coins For Change.

As usual on Thursdays, Club Penguin updated and also they released a Homepage Screen about Coins For Change.

They also released a Log-in Screen about the same thing as well.

And a Log-off Screen too...

Looks very interesting! I look forward for Coins For Change and for the fantastic and jolly party, the Holiday Party 2013!


18 nov. 2013

Operation: Puffle Furniture Item EXCLUSIVE!

Hey there!

Today I found an exclusive item on Club Penguin SWFs which might be released as a reward for completing Operation: Puffle. I don't know the name of it but it seems it will be for Operation: Puffle for sure.

Its a statue of a penguin taking off the Hypnotizing Hat from a puffle along with many other puffles.

If you are going to use it, then be sure to give credit please!


New Pin! - November 14, 2013

Attention all penguins

Club Penguin released a new pin! As a result the Scissors Pin are no longer located in the Forest.

The pin is located at the Lighthouse and its the Herbertech Logo Pin (Operation: Puffle!):

Make sure to get it before November 28, 2013!


Quest for the Gold Puffles CHEATS!

Hello everybody!

Have you heard the mystery of "El Puffle Dorado"? Well good news! That has turned into a REALITY!

First, you will need to waddle to the Pet Shop. As you can see, it has been updated with another new station to feed your puffles.

Then, head over the Golden O Berry Station:

Then, this will appear on your screen:

You will need to insert 10 Coins on the Golden O Berry Station to start the quest. Unfortunately, this is for members only.

After feeding your puffle with the Golden O Berry, you puffle will jump and eat it:

Then, a golden nugget will appear on a corner of your screen:

Then you might ask, "What's Next?"

With you puffle, you will need to walk everywhere and make your puffle dig 15 gold nuggets. Here is a picture of my puffle digging a gold nugget:

Also, if you obtain a gold nugget. A note will pop-up on your screen saying the amount of gold nuggets your puffle dig.

You can get 1 nugget, 2 nuggets, or even 3 gold nuggets! Awesome!

After you get all 15 gold nuggets, another note will appear. It tells you what to do next:

Then, you will need to go to the Mine Shack, then to the Mine and finally, to the Gold Mine (Which its former name was the Cave Mine)

As you can see, the Mine Shack has been slightly updated also. It now has a lantern on the exterior and some stairs instead of rails:

If you head over the Mine, you will see it got updated as well:

 If you waddle to the stairs, it will redirect you to the Mine Shack however. If you follow the sign where it shows gold, then keep moving

Also, the Cave Mine has been updated and now it turned into a Gold Mine:

Then, waddle to the Golden Jackhammer and give the golden nuggets to it. The Golden Jackhammer will drill and the Gold Puffle will rise from the ground:

Aww...so cute :3

Then, you can name your Gold Puffle! It seems many people chose "Dorado" which means Gold in Spanish, others called it budder from SkyDoesMinecraft (A YouTube Channel about Minecraft Videos)  so I chose something it might be original...I called my Gold Puffle "Chocolate"! 

After you click on the Adopt button, you are now officially the owner of this incredible Gold Puffle!

You will obtain the Gold Puffle's favorite toy as well, the Gold Jackhammer. Also, you get an Adoption Certificate of this puffle :)

In case you ask, I adopted another Gold Puffle back then when it was released. I just adopted another Gold Puffle.

The Puffle Handbook as been updated with the Gold Puffles' own page:

Something more awesome is  that with this puffle, you can dig super golden rare items! Here is a list of all the Golden Items available by digging with this puffle:

*Gold MP3000
*Golden Lava Puddle (Furniture Item)
*Gold Jet Pack
*Gold Diva Shades
*Golden D Glasses
*Golden Laptop
*Golden Guitar
*Golden Bumper Car
*Solid Gold Viking Helmet
*Gold Walkway (Furniture Item)
*Gold Top Hat
*Ancient Gold Dragon
*Golden Lava Pool (Furniture Item)
*Golden Unicorn Horn
*Golden Lei
*Gold Chandelier (Furniture Item)

This is how the Gold Puffle looks on the playercard and in game with me :3

Here is also a video showing you how to get the Gold Puffle and interacting with the puffle:

What do you think of the Gold Puffle and the renovated rooms? In my opinion, the Pet Shop looks very crowded, the Mine Shack isn't a really big change, the new Cave Mine (Gold Mine) looks good although I believe some people miss the old Cave Mine so I think the Gold Puffle Adoption should've been in another room like another tunnel on the Mine for example. And finally, the Mine doesn't kinda full now. I liked the old empty Mine better.

Now your opinions. Feel free to comment with your opinions, I love hearing them :)


Club Penguin Times Issue #421

Hello everybody

Sorry for my inactivity lately. I have been very busy with many homework and projects. However, I am from a break so...in the meantime, CP released a new issue of the CP Times with a total of 421 issues being released ever.

The main headline of this week is about the Golden Puffle Quest:

Second article shares some facts about the Golden Puffles (Which I will share it on another separate post)

And finally, the Upcoming Events! (UPCOMING Events CP! Not ON NOW)


8 nov. 2013

Club Penguin Times Issue #420

Penguins around the Earth

CP released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, being the 420th Issue being released. Let's see what's inside shall we?

Second article talks about Garianna's Book...Golden Puffles! :O

And finally, the Upcoming Events!


Quest for the Golden Puffle Homepage and Log-in Screen added

Hello penguins

Yesterday CP updated their homepage with a new screen showing up about the Golden Puffles, brilliant!

Also, CP released a Log-In screen about the same thing:

That puffle looks awesome! Did you know you can dig super rare items with this puffle also?


30 oct. 2013

New Puffle coming in November 2013!

Big news guys!

Polo Field made a post on the What's New Blog and he says that a NEW species of puffle will be discovered in November!

Hello? Operation: Puffle?


Club Penguin Times Issue #418

Hello there

Club Penguin released a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, being the 418th Issue ever released.

The main headline of this newspaper talks about the 8th Anniversary Party:

Second article talks about the Halloween Party 2013:

Last article is about the Upcoming Events that will occur in the future of CP...

What are you looking most forward to?


Halloween Party 2013 Commercial


In case you have been watching TV lately...CP released a commercial for the Halloween Party. Check it out by yourself:

What was your favorite part of the Halloween Party?


#WaddleOn Season 2, Episode 1!

Hey guys!

There is a new episode of #WaddleOn! The funny CP comedy show. Instead of being on Fridays, it will be on Wednesdays now. This one is a Trick Or Treat/Halloween special:

Its funny how CP keeps going with the pookies gag...This was a good episode :)


Penguin of the Day - October 30, 2013

Hello there

Today a new Penguin of the Day has been announced and today's lucky penguin is...BIGPENGUI! 

Here is why he won:

"Bigpengui, the dragon, really has the best time on Club Penguin! Whether they're playing in band at the Lighthouse, surfing at The Cove or decorating their igloo for special occasions they are always having epic fun!"

Congratulations Bigpengui!


8th Anniversary Party!

Hello guys!

I know this is late but still, the 8th Anniversary Party is released! :D

Head over to the Coffee Shop, its so awesome! It is a museum of EVERY memorial thing that happened from all these 8 years...

You can blow out the candles from the cake to obtain the "Celebration!" Stamp:

You can also obtain a Party Hat! The colors from the anniversary hat is RAINBOW! Rainbow to represent the Rainbow Puffles back at the Puffle Party 2013 =D

Once you click on the Party Hat, a note will appear:

Click on "Yes" to obtain your Party Hat! =D

However, the best thing yet is that...there is ANOTHER item! =D Just click on the camera with the Town Picture, the background is about the Town before "The Journey".

Then another note will appear, similar to the 8th Anniversary Hat:

Click on "Yes" to obtain the background.

This is how both items look like on your playercard and in the game:

Now for the Yearbook!

You can open the Yearbook in the table along with the Party Hat and Cake which is located in the Coffee Shop...or by the Book Room at the shelves:

This is the cover of the Yearbook 2012 - 2013:

October 2012 Page! Halloween Party 2012 and 7th Anniversary Party ;)

For the pin, click on Gariwald's Door to get Gariwald's Family Crest Pin:

November 2012 Page, Operation: Blackout (Best party ever):

Click on Herbert's red button to get Herbert's Clearance Pin (And if the pin doesn't appear, then that means the world will explode in 3...2...1...BOOM!)

Now December 2012! Holiday Party 2012!

Click on the candy from the Gingerbread House Roof to get the Coins For Change 2012 Pin:

January 2013, the Prehistoric Party:

Click on the Tyrannosaurus Rex's tongue to get the Dino Footprint Pin:

Also, click on the Pteranodon's mouth and Gary will say something:

"Gadzooks! A fascinating paleontological excavation, scientists. Greak work!"

Let's move to February 2013 when the Hollywood Party started:

Click on the Penguin's hand to obtain the Golden Award Pin (When will CP ever know penguins have flippers and NOT every penguin have fingers...)

Also, click on the red rectangle I drew and the other penguin says a joke (Red Nose Day :3):

"What do you call a fish with no eyes? ...A fsh." 

March 2013! Puffle Party 2013!

Click on the Rainbow Cannon to get the Rainbow Puffle Pin

April 2013! Operation: Hot Sauce and Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013! (And also the death of the April Fools Parties, Easter Egg Hunts and Earth Day Parties...YAAAAAAAAAY!)

Click on the Robot Villain's belly for the Robot Villain Pin:

Also, click on the EPF Agent picture and you will get a note from Operation: Hot Sauce:

"Top Secret! Herbert and Klutzy stole hot sauce and sent EPF Agents into crime-solving action. HOT SAUCE STOLEN!!!"

May 2013 with one of my favorite CP Parties ever...the Card-Jitsu Party 2013:

Click on the Snow Shuriken the Ninja Penguin is having on his flippers (FINALLY, FLIPPERS!) to obtain the Elemental Pin:

June 2013 was the month when Club Penguin SCARED us with another Summer full of ads around our snowy island that have no sense to do with it...starting with the Monsters University Takeover...Also the biggest dream of many of CP Workers have been real...work with Pixar :)

Click on the PNK Penguin for the Neon Flamingo Pin:

Moving onto July 2013, one of many players' wishes when Disney bought Lucasfilm in October 2012...Star Wars Takeover:

Click on the TIE Fighter for the R2-D2 Pin:

Its Summer Time! August 2013! Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam!

Now this is the craziest thing ever...And I never knew CP would go that far...you will need to click on McKenzie's breasts for the Friends Forever Pin! LOOOOOOOOL!

September 2013 with the Medieval Party 2013 ;)

Click on the Wizard's Wand to obtain the Fluffy Crest Pin:

Now for the Photo Gallery! I'm glad this nice addition of the Yearbook returned from the Yearbook 2011- 2012...it was a nice touch to the Yearbook! :)

Well...that was a very creative Anniversary Party...way to go CP! This might be my 2nd or 3rd favorite Anniversary Party and I would like to thank a lot for Spike Hike and the CP Team for doing such a beautiful work on everything. They can't make every kid happy but they still try. And special thanks more for Billybob and to Rsnail for creating this aewsome game... WADDLE ON! :)

The only thing bad of this Anniversary is that the Book Room isn't decorated...but instead of looking at the parties, we should look to the features we had also! Let's see...

*The Journey/Rooms Redesign
*Penguins Redesign
*Special Emotes for Parties
*Mascots waddling more by events instead of parties (Sensei with Chinese New Year, Aunt Arctic with CP Times Issue 400th Celebration, etc)
*Puffle Hotel added
*Rainbow Puffles
*Club Penguin on mobile devices - iPad - My Penguin
*Card-Jitsu Snow added
*Names appear in bold now
*Recycle Plant replaced with School
*Snow Dojo added
*Ninja Hideout removed
*Puffle Digging added
*Businesmoose, the famous moderator retires working on Club Penguin
*Ninja the Moderator becomes a new blogger on the What's New Blog

Can't believe THAT amount of features happened on our snowy island and the year 2013 hasn't even END yet! There is still MORE stuff to come by this year such as the GOLDEN Puffles being released in November on Operation: Puffle...WOOOO!!!

So instead of telling how bad a year was because of its year check the FEATURES and stuff we have received also. Not ALL features and updates are bad though, some are good too! (Such as CJ Snow added). This hasn't been the worst year to me however...worst year would be 2010 O_e...