Sensei: Hes a gray penguin, master of the card jitsu and their elements.
In July 2008, the Dojo was covered with snow and there was a mysterious penguin (which was the Sensei) that was digging the Dojo and we continued until November 2008 and it was the grand opening of the Dojo and the start  of card jitsu.

Then in September 2009, the sky turned orange and nobody knew why, but we gathered fiery items for the volcano, then in October 2009, the volcano was smoking and it kept smoking even on Halloween 2009 until November 2009, when blacksmiths were needed to make the amulets and soon, we helped to build the Fire Dojo, this was the start of Card Jitsu Fire.

In October 2010, during the Halloween Party, there was another storm and Gary predicted that the storm may stay more time than expected, so after the Halloween Party, the sky was still grey because of the storm from the Halloween Party, times later, it started to rain for the first time ever in club penguin, and when the rain has ended, we helped to recollect the water from the rain and we used it for the Water Dojo and it was the start of Card Jitsu Water, this was during November 2010.

Sensei normally goes during the Card Jitsu Party and rebuilding a new dojo.

Sensei has 4 playercards right now, the mysterious playercard when he was digging, his current playercard, the fire sensei playercard and the water sensei playercard.

This is Sensei's playercard when he was digging the Dojo:
This is Sensei's current playercard:
This is Fire Sensei's playercard:
And this is Water Sensei's playercard:
Sensei only has 1 background, this is Sensei's background:
Need help tracking Sensei?
Sensei tracker and xat coming soon!

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