27 sept. 2013

Toontown, and several other game closes. Club Penguin to stay 9 more years?

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I found an interesting post on http://theclubpenguindaily.com and it talks about CP and several other games from Disney.

Toontown, Pixie Hollow and Pirates of the Caribbean Online has been closed and according to Disney, its because they will mainly focus on Club Penguin (and several Disney Mobile apps too). However, according to http://theclubpenguindaily.com Club Penguin will stay up for 9 more years.

Whoever is from 2005 - 2011, you might remember the June 2011 Downtime (When Club Penguin's domain expired). Then CP renewed for like 11 years more.

Seeing on it, it looks like CP's domain might expire in Sunday, June 12, 2022. Just check it out:

club penguin domain age
(Credit goes for The Club Penguin Daily for this image)

However, something also interesting is that Toontown's domain was up for ONE more year. 

toon town domain age

(Credit goes for The Club Penguin Daily for this image)

The thing is, why did they close Toontown TOO early?

You can check out more on The Club Penguin Daily's original post on this link: http://theclubpenguindaily.com/2013/08/toontown-closes-club-penguin-stay-9-more-years/

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Its been a while...

Hey guys

I am sorry for not posting a lot of stuff. I have been busy recently with homework. However, my exams will start in October 7 and will end in October 16 so yeah...I will still try to blog.

In other news, I am planning a possibly future CP Comedy (Possibly Animated) Series Show. It will be of comedy (obviously), parodying such things, etc. But I am still trying to see how I might do it.

Sorry if I haven't posted for so long. I will start blogging now.

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1 sept. 2013


Hey guys...

Sorry if I haven't been posting much. I returned to School about 2 weeks ago (August 19) and I get too much homework lately...I promise I will try to post more often now...starting this Thursday when the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam ends...thank you taking the time to read this.