Gary: Also known as the  gadget guy, his codename is: G, he made very  useful  things on  the island  and artefacts that we use now on days and also in the parties, like the jet pack, Pizzatron3000, Cloud Maker  3000, etc,  and some others that save our lives, like the Hot Air Balloon during the Festival of Flight 2009.
He uses a lab coat, a tie and pair of sunglasses.

Here is a list of all the Parties and Events Gary visited:

1. October 2008 - Halloween Party 2008
2. March 2009 - Penguin Play Awards 2009
3. August 2009 - Festival of Flight
4. October 2009 - Halloween Party 2009
5. March 2010 - Penguin Play Awards 2010
6. October 2010 - Halloween Party 2010
7. October 2011 - Halloween Party 2011
8. May 2012 - Medieval Party 2012
9. October 2012 - Halloween Party 2012
10. January 2013 - Prehistoric Party
11. February 2013 - Hollywood Party
12. May 2013 - My Penguin App Release Celebration
13. September 2013 - Medieval Party 2013
14. October 2013 - Club Penguin 5th Portuguese Anniversary, Halloween Party 2013 (One time meetup - Scientist Meeting)

Gary waddled the most times in 2013 with Aunt Arctic tied up.

This is Gary's 2nd playercard (Note, this playercard was only available on the Halloween Party 2011, and in the first week of the Medieval Party 2012, although it was a bug about the Medieval Party 2012):

 This is Gary's 3rd playercard which appeared during  the Halloween Party 2012
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 Gary has 4 backgrounds right now, check out all Gary's backgrounds:

Gary's 1st background, appeared for 3 times, 1st time in October 2008 (Halloween Party 2008), 2nd  time in August 2009 (Festival of Flight 2009), and the 3rd and last time was on October 2009 (Halloween Party 2009):

Gary's 2nd background, appeared for ONLY 1 time and it was on October 2010 (Halloween Party 2010):

Gary's 3rd background, like the 2nd background, it appeared for ONLY 1 time and it was on October 2011 (Halloween Party 2011):

Gary's 4th background, it appeared on May 2012 (Medieval Party 2012):

This is Gary's 4th background which will be only available on the Halloween Party 2012 yet:

Need help tracking Gary?
Gary tracker and xat coming soon!

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  1. Phineas! As of the Medieval Party 2012, Gary has a new background! Hope this helps!


    1. Well yeah, thanks anyways! Although i thank you very late lol, still thanks ;)