29 jul. 2014

It has been a while...


It has been half year since I posted something. Anyways, I do not think I will continue with my blogging job. Instead, I want to do something new. I feel like having a CP YTB Series. Perhaps I might return soon but don't expect see me with a new post everyday.

My YTB Username is Phineas99cp. Feel free to contact me via Twitter, or CP Wiki. I did enjoy blogging, but I think it's time to put a hiatus on my blogging job. I think it's time to start doing new "projects" (like I previously mentioned). My CP YTB Series may be animated or not. I feel that I have potential in elaborating a CP YTB Series.

Perhaps I could use this website to establish my future CP YTB Series. There are other popular websites you can visit. You are free to visit this blog anytime otherwise.

I still do not really know to whether get back on blogging or not. I really want to focus in elaborating a CP YTB Series. Perhaps I may blog again in the future, if I do have time. I could still post stuff about CP, discussions, and about my CP YTB Series.

That's basically it. 'Nuff said. Thanks for 2 years of attention (although it may have been few attention given) providing information to any dude here :)

March 2012 - July 2014