Rookie: Hes a green penguin with a red hawaiian shirt, red sunglasses and a red propellor cap.
Caracteristics: Hes very silly, sometimes he messes things up.
Accidents made by: He free Herbert in a PSA  mission, he  opened new dimensions, he tipped the half of the island, etc.

Rookie made his first appearance on Club Penguin in the 3rd PSA  mission.

So far, the number of Rookie's Appearances in Parties/Events are...

1. March 2011 - April Fools Party 2011
2. January 2012 - Underwater Expedition
3. March 2012 - April Fools Party 2012
4. September 2012 - The Fair 2012 (And Construction also)
5. November 2012 - Operation: Blackout
6. April 2013 - Operation: Hot Sauce (Appeared as sprite only, you wouldn't obtain his stamp and background)
7. July 2013 - Club Penguin University Grand Opening
8. October 2013 - Halloween Party 2013

This is how Rookie's playercard usually look like:

Rookie has 3 backgrounds right now, this is Rookie's first background and also, Rookie's usual background you can obtain from him:

Check out Rookie's second background (Underwater Expedition 2012):

And finally, Rookie's background for the Halloween Party 2013:

Need help tracking Rookie?
Rookie tracker and  xat coming soon!

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