PH: Also known as "Puffle Handler" She takes care of all puffles, she trains alot of puffles, she also discovers new puffles, etc.

She appeared for the first time in the Nintendo DS game named: "Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force" (The first game that was released on December 2008)

She appeared for the second time in the second Nintendo DS game named: "Herbert's Revenge" (The second  game that was released on May 2010)

But, she made her very first appearance  on club penguin  at the Puffle Party 2012.

This is  PH's playercard:
PH usually goes on the Puffle Party.
PH has 1 background right now, check it out:
Facts about PH:
She was pink first but when she discovered the brown puffle she turned brown.
She is the one who discovers puffles.
She helped on making the Pet shop have a new look.
She takes care of the puffles.
She loves puffles.

Need help tracking PH?
Ph tracker coming soon!
Ph xat is also coming soon!

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