Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic:

She is the reporter of the newspaper known as: "The Club Penguin Times"
She is a green penguin with glasses and a pink toque.
She loves the club pengin parties, puffles, and many more.

This is a list of all the parties and events Aunt Arctic waddled

1. March 2009 - Penguin Play Awards 2009
2. December 2009 - Holiday Party 2009
3. March 2010 - Penguin Play Awards 2010
4. October 2011 - 6th Anniversary Party
5. December 2011 - Holiday Party 2009
6. April 2012 - Earth Day 2012
7. June 2012 - Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
8. November 2012 - Operation: Blackout (Frozen in a containment cell on Herbert's HQ, you couldn't obtain her background and stamp)
9. February 2013 - Hollywood Party
10. April 2013 - Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013
11. May 2013 - My Penguin App Release Celebration
12. June 2013 - Club Penguin Times Issue #400 Celebration
13. October 2013 - Club Penguin 5th Portuguese Anniversary, 8th Anniversary Party

Aunt Arctic waddled the most times in 2013 along with Gary

This  is Aunt  Arctic's  playercard:

Aunt  Arctic has 3 backgrounds right now, the first one was during the Penguin Play Awards 2009 (March 2009) and  the second one which was on the 6th Anniversary Party, which it was during the Halloween Party 2011 (October 2011) and the third one which was on the Marvel Super Hero Takeover Party 2012 (June 2012)

This is Aunt Arctic first background:
This is her second background:
This is her third background:

 Need help tracking Aunt  Arctic?
Aunt Arctic tracker coming soon!

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Tips on finding  Aunt Arctic:

1. Aunt Arctic normally goes to: Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Dock, Beach, Ski Village,  Forest, Cove, Coffee  Shop and Book Room

2. Aunt Arctic comes to the following rooms of  the Holiday  Party: Town, Snow Forts, Dock, Beach, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Lounge, Bakery, Santa's Sleigh, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Forest  and the Cove

3. Aunt Arctic comes to the following rooms of the Penguin Play Awards: Plaza, Stage and the Backstage (sorry member's  only)

4. Aunt Arctic comes  to the following rooms of  any Anniversary its happening in Club Penguin: The Coffee Shop  and the Book Room.

5. Aunt Arctic never goes to igloos.

6. You can try helping each other on the xat  to track Aunt Arctic quickly.

7. If a server is empty and gets full quickly, be sure to check there.

8. Stay tune on our Aunt  Arctic Tracker (coming soon).

9. If a room is full, then wait for her on  the room you are because it is probably the next room Aunt Arctic is visiting is the room you are, that means that you should be patient.

10. You need membership because Aunt Arctic goes to rooms that is for members only sometimes (ex: Santa's Sleigh, Backstage)


Xat  rules.

1. No swearing/cussing  on the xat (first time: Kick) (second time: Kick) ( third time: 24 hours ban)

2. No fake locations of  mascot or famous penguin (5 hours ban)

3. If your doing a contest, dont give bad prizes, doing contest for fun is ok but no bad  prizes (4 hours ban)

4. No flooding/spamming/ss = smiley spam, (First time: kick) (second time: kick) (third time: 6 hours ban)

5. No ads/ links to other xat or pages  (Youtube,  Photobucket, Tinypic, and many other video or  picture resources  is ok. (12 hours ban)

6. No sexual/innapropiate talk (48 hours ban)

7. Dont give away personal information (age and first name is  ok) (24 hours ban)

Xat prices!

Owner: 750  xats, 1  toy code, 3 card jitsu codes, 1 puffle hats or bandana codes, 1 card jitsu golden code card or 2 powers.

Moderator: 500 xats, 1 card jitsu code or 1 power.

Have fun and  good luck tracking Aunt Arctic!

Aunt  Arctic tracker coming soon...

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