15 ago. 2013

Ruby and the Ruby returns at the Stage!

Hey guys

An old but favorite play...yep...Ruby and the Ruby returns at the Stage!

However, nothing changed on the plot

There is also a pin hidding here somewhere...If you want to get the pin, then follow these instructions


First, go on the Detective's Desk, then click on the drawer

Next, go to the Trash Can

Then, go to the Desk Lamp

Almost there! Next go to the Flower Pot

And at last, click on the Portrait 2 times

Ta daa! You found the Ruby Pin!

There is also a new Costume Trunk released!

Sadly there is only one cheat.

For the cheat, go to the 1st page, then click on the 3 lines (|||) for the...

Dark Detective's Coat!

Sadly...about the Ruby pin...the pin is old...Man I normally like this play when a new pin is out...I hope the next time there is...


Club Penguin Times Issue #408

Hey there!

Today's a new week which means today there is a new newspaper. The Club Penguin Times Issue #408 is out!

The main headline of the newspaper talks about the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam:

The second article talks about the Star Wars Takeover! Imperial Forces defeated! Good work Rebels!

And the last article talks about the Upcoming Events...or should I say...Recent Events? =/

(On now is not Upcoming Club Penguin...)


9 ago. 2013

#WaddleOn Episode #5

Hey guys!

The 5th Episode of #WaddleOn has been released. The funny comedy sketch of random things of Club Penguin. Let's see how the episode is...

Well I liked the Tour Guide Part the best (I love trolling sometimes >:P). However, they have overused the Alien Joke (Which I also don't get it) and also, I didn't get the last part of the video, the blacksmiths.

How did you like this episode so far?


Everyday Phoning Facility TRICK!

Hey guys!

I found an epic trick today! If you miss the old Everyday Phoning Facility look (Which I doubt that =P), or simply want to see, then just go to the Book Room, then go to the Yearbook 2009 - 2010, Then go to the June 2010 Page.

Then click on the letters from the First pic of the Everyday Phoning Facility. Click on the letters "E" "P" "F" (Which stands for EPF). Then click on the 2nd picture and click on the Agent's Spy Phone.

Then you will get this message from The Director:

Then you will be in the OLD Phoning Facility from the test! :O

This also works if someone sent you the EPF Recruitment Postcard and you click on "Go There!"

Also, this works in new penguins too!

So enjoy this old room as you can because I bet this room swf might be either replaced or deleted soon...


New EPF Message - August 8, 2013

Hey there

Aunt Arc...ermm...The Director left a new message for us on our Spy Phones.

"Agents. The data has been analyzed and we've found the Death Star's weakness. Get to Yavin 4 and take the space station down."


New Postcards - August 8, 2013

Hey guys!

Along with some major updates, Club Penguin released minor ones...Minor ones like Postcards!


Everyday Phoning Facility UPDATED! Awesome new look!

Hey guys!

The Everyday Phoning Facility got UPDATED! And not the exterior...the INTERIOR!

Its very awesome! Look at the room!

So you might ask...how can I access the EPF Command Room? No worries! Simply go to the Everyday Phoning Facility Logo up there, then a secret way will open, leading you to the Command Room!

Sweet huh?

Also, have you noticed any Easter Eggs in this room? ;)


Yavin 4 Available! Destroy the Death Star!

Well jedis...your time has come...


First of all, to destroy the Death Star to do kaboom...go to Yavin 4.

Then you will be in Yavin 4:

Then go to the Spaceship with the R2D2 Puffle

Then a menu will appear. Similar to the minigame where you defeat the Stormtroopers.

Then you will be playing a game!


To move the spaceship, use the left and right keys, to acelerate faster press the up key, to slow down press the down key and to shoot press the Space Bar key.

Keep doing that the same to keep collecting more items.

Then when you go to Level #3, member or not, play it. There is a surprise at the end of the game...

Once you finish the level. Cadence will give you a free reward which its a medal!

This is how ALL the X-Wing Items look in your penguin. Playercard and in-game:

In a Playercard:


Here is a video of it:

Oh! And one more thing. If you go to the Ski Hill, Beach, Dock, Town or the Iceberg, you will notice that the Death Star seems "kaboomed" =P (In other words, destroyed).

How did you like this party? I personally thought that the party was boring on the 1st week of the party but now I had fun on the party! And you?

-Phineas99 da Jedi

8 ago. 2013

August 2013 Penguin Style Cheats!

Hey guys!

The Penguin Style of August 2013 is now released! Few new items...old and rare items...some are hidden though!

First of all, there are 2 new backgrounds along with some 2 old but favorite backgrounds...

First, let's see through each page...

Page #1...

...Page #2...

...Page #3...

...Page #4...

This month's Penguins at Work is...

The lifeguard!

All right now the cheats!

For the 1st cheat, go to the 1st page of the items (Excluding the backgrounds and the Non-Member Catalog) and click on the girl penguin's flipper for...
...The Floral Bikini!

For the 2nd Cheat, go to the 3rd Page, then click on the male penguin's foot for...

...The Black Top Sneakers!

And for the 3rd and last cheat...go to the 4th Page, then click on the Blue Star Swimsuit for the...

...Hawaiian Shirt!

Here is a video showing the cheats too:

Well...that's all folks!


7 ago. 2013

Club Penguin Times Issue #407

Well guys...

Looks like there is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times, marking this the 407th newspaper ever released.

So, the main headline is about the Star Wars Takeover, destroying the Death Star.

Second article talks about Yavin 4 and rewards too!

And the 3rd and last article talks about the Upcoming Events!

What are you looking most forward to?


New Pin - Calculator Pin

Hey guys!

A new pin is out which means the R2D2 pin is no longer in the Pizza Parlor. The pin is located on the Lighthouse Beacon, on the light bulb.
Yes please :)
This is how it looks like on your Playercard:
Hmm...Calculator Pin...this doesn't have to do with the Star Wars Takeover...oh well, sometimes Club Penguin releases random pins even if it doesn't have to do with the party.


Penguin of the Day - July 7, 2013

Hey guys!

Today Daffodaily5 made a new post on the What's New Blog of the Penguin of the Day. And today's winner is....EMMANUELLA2!

Daffodaily chose her because...

"She is a real team player! She helps new EPF Agents get started, joins games that need an extra player and shows people where to get items at parties!"

Congratulations! Got somebody to nominate? E-mail CP and they will see what they can do!