28 jul. 2013

Star Wars Takeover Glitch! Stand on Walls

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday I found an awesome glitch during the Star Wars Takeover. Its about standing on walls! I am NOT joking and to prove it, here I will show you how to do it.

First of all, this is pretty easy and you don't even need to hack. You only need ANY lightsaber to do this glitch. However, you need to be a member since the items are for members sadly...

Anyways, go to ANY room you wish (This works in Party Rooms as well). Then, wear the lightsaber (Any lightsaber).  After that, all you will need to do is to dance. Yep, dance. After that, click anywhere (In the walls, any part of the room). After that you will be able to go to that part and now you are standing on the walls!

Now if you tried this glitch, you might ask "How will I go back to normal?". Simple, just use the lightsaber and dance again and you will go back over there.

However, there are 2 points to clear out.

The 1st point is that some people might see you on the walls while others wouldn't. While the 2nd point is that you can't walk on walls but simply stand on them.

Here are some pictures that I took while doing this glitch. Tee hee hee :]

Do it before Club Penguin knows about that and they fix this awesome glitch ;) Probably this glitch wont work after the party also so...enjoy!


27 jul. 2013

WaddleOn! Episode #3!

Hey there!

Yesterday Club Penguin released a new episode of their funny comedy show "Waddle On!"

Check out the video:

In my opinion I didn't like this episode, however, my favorite joke was the Smoothie Smash Part lewl =P

And what do you think about it? What is your favorite episode so far? Let us know in the comments


25 jul. 2013

New Pin - July 25, 2013

Hello guys and gals!

A new pin has been released and its located at the Pizza Parlor. Its the R2-D2 Hat and for me its pretty cool! Its on the Piano.
A note will appear asking you if you would like to obtain the item. Click Yes obviously =P

...And there you go! How are you liking this new pin so far?

~Phineas99 da Jedi

Club Penguin Times Issue #405

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times is now released and now marks the number of 405 newspapers being published!

The first article talks mainly about the Rebel Alliance.

The 2nd Article talks about becoming a Jedi.
The 3rd and final article talks about the Upcoming Events...most of them we know that already...

Hmm...Interesting I guess...

-Phineas99 da Jedi

Star Wars Takeover Cheats!


This is the party you were probably ALWAYS waiting for. Yep, the Star Wars Takeover is FINALLY taking place at the island RIGHT NOW! And here are all the cheats and things you need to know from the party:

Once you log in, the same cinematic short will appear. However you can click the X button to skip it.

After that you will appear alone at the Millenium Falcon and you will meet Cadence. However you can't get her stamp, background or send her a request.
Then she will tell you to go to planet Tatooine and well...like she said obviously =P go to planet Tatooine to defeat the Stormtroopers

After you go to planet Tatooine, you will spot several Stormtroopers in some several rooms so click on them to play a Special Game for the party only ;)
Like I said once you click them, you will now play a special minigame for the party only. There are
prizes also! (Like Card-Jitsu Snow)
To play, you must hit a snowball to a Stormtrooper with the mouse, and if you want to move, then press the Spacebar. 

After defeating all the Stormtroopers, you will meet another Stormtrooper but bigger and powerful. He is the boss of this level. It is kinda hard so you need to pay close attention!
After that you will finally finish the battle (hopefully) and now you are able to earn your prize! Its the Stormtrooper Helmet. Level 2 and Bonus are Members only...sorry non-members!
After that Cadence will give you a message. Then you are now over and you will need for wait another week to infiltrate the Death Star!
Wait there's more...!

There is also a special catalog for the party and you will be able to dress up as some of your favorite Star Wars characters such as Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, etc.

First Page

Second Page
...And Third Page

I know there are 2 more pages but the 4th Page will be released in August 1st and the 5th Page on August 8th. Looks like we will need to wait more in the meanwhile...

Wanna become a Jedi? All right but this is for members only...yet again non-members! I hope they don't get excluded ALL the time...

First click over the Rebel Logo and just like how you went to Tatooine, there is something at the bottom of it to become a Jedi. Click on it and Obi-Wan Sensei will show you!

After that, you will get a lightsaber to start doing lightsaber duels with others! If you win over 30 Lightsaber Duels, you will get these!

Also, keep doing more Lightsaber Duels to get these items!

You will need to wait until August 1st to infiltrate the Death Star and August 8th to go to planet Yavin 4.
And finally...Party Emotes!
How are you liking the party? Leave a comment below

~Phineas99 da Jedi

17 jul. 2013

July 15/16 2013 Downtime Information...

Well hey there again...

If you noticed Club Penguin 2 days ago, you would have seen it was down for a very long time...like the June 20, 2011 Downtime (I still remember that clown... :P).

If you want to know information about this downtime. You have gone to the right place. I found some information by somehow who posted it on the CP Wiki on a Thread. 

Also another note is that I wrote it on his words. I copied and pasted it on this blog of how he said it.

All right now there you go:

"About 7-8 hours before 1:56 AM when he servers went back up, Club Penguin was down for a very long time. People on Twitter started panicking and thought that CP was down for GOOD. Some people where saying comments like "Club Penguin is down! Its the end of the world!". People have reported asking @SpikeHikeCP and @Clubpenguin what is going on and basically they did not respond. About 2:00AM+ July 16th Both had reported that the servers are down and they are trying the best they can. By this time a tweet was spreading around by @WaltCP but spreaded the word by @swordfusion giving the link to @waltcp's tweet (Meaning @swordfusion didn't do it and was telling people that CP was hacked by teenagers) staing that "@polofield You should be ashamed of yourself. A Group of teenagers planned to shut down CP. Don't mess with our community again." About an hour or two from the tweet he posted Walt has posted, "I did NOT attack Club Penguin. A community I am a part of did however. I cannot attack CP, I wouldn't attack CP. And he also said, "Why did they do it? Disney have tried to rip us apart so many times. So they attacked." @SpikeHikeCP finally came online and tweeted to a few users who may have known something about what was going on and one of his comments for which he is talking to a user saids, "If you know nothing, tell us." Spike Hike Had followed them and made them DM him what the knew and he didn;t tweet back to anyone until they knew what was happening. As of this this was a hack attempt aka a DDos attack on Club Penguin. There is a HTML source within Club Penguin that was hacked and causes mostly all CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server)s to shut down and the HTML was triggering both CP and CPPS'. By the time of 1:56 AM July 16th was when the server's finally went online and the server least suspected to be full was server Blizzard leaving the 1st server only with 1 bar. The Following message is now by me aka Scirisk: I'm sure many of you are very curious as to what happened yesterday, and why there was so much drama; I'm going to do my best to explain the situation. Club Penguin experienced a large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack almost all of yesterday. Many people tried to claim credit for it, but the true attacker's identity is still unknown to even us (the staff). People were quick to point fingers at each other and try to claim credit for it, even though they were most likely not involved in the situation whatsoever. Later on in the evening, two of our members, Thomas and Bryson, decided to tweet to SpikeHikeCP (ClubPenguin moderator) and tell him that they had information regarding the attacks. They did not have intentions to give out any names, however, Rile5.com was displayed on one of their profiles. It is unknown whether or not the attacker they claim to know of is even a member of this community, but people were very quick to assume so, and jumped on them for trying to contact the moderators. Not too long later, Rile5's guest list was populated with people using Amazon servers as a proxy, stalking out random profiles. This wouldn't be too odd, except that most of them happened to be viewing the exact same profile. Thomas and Bryson feared what their peers might think, so they decided to split once their tweets were revealed. I don't think it was right for everyone to assume that they were trying to "rat" on Rile5, as they never stated where the attackers they have information about were from in the first place. Not too long after that occurred, someone named "Spike_Hike" joined JRCx (An IRC server owned by jamie). This was, however, NOT the real SpikeHike, but rather his friend Trainman1405. He wasn't smart enough to realize that he left his client's real name as "Devin", which is Trainman's first name. I guess he thought impersonating his friend would be intimidating, but he sounded more like a child than the "pookies" you'd find in the Pet Shop. He didn't really say anything important; all he did was attempt to insult us the entire time and tell us that the "DISNEY STAFF ARE ON IT," which is completely irrelevant to us since none of us really care about them or their game. After he realized none of us cared about him and decided to leave, he tweeted this. Apparently he thought visiting an IRC server and insulting random people would magically fix the game. Ironically, the game was still going up and down hours after he posted that. See edit It is not known whether or not the Club Penguin staff knew about this website prior to these events, but they surely do now. Do not be alarmed though; there's not much they can do except idle here as guests. Rile5 does not host any of Club Penguin's mediaserver, which is the only illegal part of a CPPS, so their options are extremely limited. We urge everyone to exercise caution when making claims. Many people tried to take credit for the attacks, but they did so without knowing that Club Penguin was extremely desperate to find out who did it. The people who tried to take credit actually made their work 1000x harder, which is pretty funny to be honest. Anyway, I thought it would be better if I cleared everything up instead of leaving you all in the dark wondering what happened. Feel free to respond with any questions.
Trainman just tweeted this, stating that he was impersonated. However, one of the points of my post is still relevant: don't make claims that can get you into trouble.
Also, About 2+ hours ago from 5:36 PM July 16th 2013, Mech Mice, a game by the creaters of CP aka Rsnail and Screenhog was offline for a very long time and @Mechmice gave out a message very similar to @clubpenguin 's message when they known their servers where down. The server's on Mech Mice are still not up to this point and this page will be updated once everything is back up."

Well you see it now. Now you know the truth behind all of this. O.O


Reviewed by You - Parties

Hey there again

Polo Field made a new Reviewed by You post and now he is talking about parties! Check it out:

Hello Penguins!
I really liked Jujugins' answer: "My joke is a pet joke. i think it is quite funny. here it is.......how can dogs stop a video game? THEY PRESS THE PAWS BUTTON!"
Great joke! 10,000 coins to Jujugins!
Hope you are all gearing up to save the galaxy! In light of this epic party we want to know, what has been your all time favorite party so far?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Favorite Party you ask? I love many parties but I love the most Music Jam Parties! Especially Music Jam 2008 and 2011! I also love Op. Blackout so much! I hope Club Penguin does the original Music Jams again. Don't get me wrong though. I liked the Ultimate Jam also!
And by these photos. Do you think there some sneak peeks of the Summer Jam which its the combination of Music Jam and Summer Party? Or are they just snapshots of old parties?

Stormtroopers at Work - Coffee Break

Oof...What a very busy work for these poor stormtroopers! Like some past posts Polo Field has made to add a caption on the Stormtroopers Pictures (Which I didn't post sadly), there is another one. Check out the following picture below

Fancy Kitchen they got there! Btw who noticed the man mirror on the microwave? Lol ;)


Penguin of the Day - July 17, 2013

Hey there!

A new day, another penguin is being featured on the blog! Read Daffodaily5's Post about it


Agent Blanco is one committed EPF Agent! When he isn’t tracking down that pesky polar bear, Herbert, he’s doing his best to help catch rogue penguins. Ace work, ace goggles. 

As always, Contact Us with your nominations.


-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations Agent Blanco! Keep up the good work! 
*Details - By his name says "Agent Blanco", he must mean he is a penguin from the Spanish Language because if you translate his name in English, it will name "White Agent" instead. And if you ask me, I didn't use Google Translate. I know Spanish ;)

11 jul. 2013

July 2013 Penguin Style Catalog

Hello there again!

Remember the Penguin Style Catalog? Well there is a NEW one here! However CP broke its traditions because of the Monsters University Takeover. I hope you have enough coins saved in your pocket for BRAND new Summer Outfits!
There are also 2 new backgrounds for the Star Wars Takeover along with 2 other old but favorite backgrounds.
This month's Penguins At Work is the Construction Worker!
Now let's check out the Penguin Style!

1st Page

2nd Page

...And 3rd Page

Unfortunately, there aren't any cheats for the catalog but hey! These are TOTALLY new items! So let's be glad at least! The clothes are really stylish if you ask me. How are you liking this month's Penguin Style? And what is your favorite item out of all of these? You are free to share your thoughts! :)


School FINALLY opens! ...And new redesigned Mine Shack!

Hey there!

Big updates! The Mine Shack has FINALLY been redesigned to "The Journey...". And the School came with the Mine Shack also! Sad part is that the School replaces the Recycling Plant but almost nobody went there anyways...

Well anyways first of all, you will also see the Map updated (How come it doesn't show up the Puffle Hotel in the Map yet?)

Then, you will see a new and different modernized Mine Shack!
And when you enter into the School, the room will look like this:
Not bad not bad...But when you go into the other door, you will get into the Stadium mysteriously...

Something noteworthy also is that the Sports Shop Stand has been replaced for a path to the School...creepy...

So how are you liking the School room? The room is really nice but I just wish it had more stuff...Also the School replaced the Recycling Plant and that is a real mistake of Club Penguin...Nobody went in there normally but they could have still left it there and do a path in the Snow Forts or in the Forest a path to the entrance of the School and over there, you could get into the School WITHOUT replacing a room or modifying a room! Yet CP doesn't understand well...*sigh*...

How are you liking the room? Comment below with your thoughts


10 jul. 2013

New Postcards!

Hey there!

So not much people know about this but if you try to send a postcard to a friend, you will see there are new (actually old) postcards! Look!

So for only 10 Coins, you can send a nice postcard to invite a friend for something ;)


Star Wars Takeover Construction!

Hello yet again!

Since the Monsters University Takeover has ended, it has been confirmed a Star Wars Takeover would be this month's party! And we are right now preparing! If you head over to the Dock, you will see something I don't really know XD

However, like on the newspaper says, there is something approaching on Club Penguin. So if you look into the sky, you will notice its the Death Star. Take a look for yourself:

This was from the Ski Hill. You can see it in many different rooms such as the Ski Hill (like I said before)

And finally, the Ski Village.

I am getting very pumped up with the Star Wars Party! Are you?


New Pin! Text Books Pin

Hello again

Along with Club Penguin other updates, they also did another one releasing a NEW pin! The pin is located in the Night Club and its the Text Books Pin! It is to celebrate the Grand Opening of the School room. The last time a pin hides here was way back in January 2012 and it was the Beach Chair Pin to celebrate the upcoming party of that month; Underwater Expedition.

The pin is located on the Dance Contest table. Once you click on it a note will popup asking you if you would like to pick up the item...Of course dude! Why wouldn't we want it then? =P

I really like this pin. However, this pin is somehow similar to the original Book Pin back in March 2008.

How are you liking this new pin? Leave a comment below!


My Penguin July 2013 Update!

Hey there again

When you go into the Club Penguin Homepage, you will see a screen showing about a new update on My Penguin!

Like it says, this costume will be available ONLY for the Star Wars Takeover. I REALLY love this costume but sadly...I don't have an iPad...*sigh* I really wish it comes on Android!


Haunting of the Viking Opera returns at the Stage!


The Haunting of the Viking Opera has returned in the Stage! The last this play returned was way back in February 2011 during the Puffle Party 2011. Not much has changed but the Viking Boat Pin doesn't appear this time.
When you enter into the Stage, the set will appear like this:

What do you think of this play? Well in my opinion I think its good that it returned since it doesn't return very often like Quest for the Golden Puffle does for example. But also, its not my favorite play.