20 jun. 2013

Club Penguin - Penguin of the Day - June 20th - Coolpool79

Hey penguins,

It's a new day, and Daffodaily5 has announced the POTD for June 20th , and his name is Coolpool79 . Daffodaily5 has said that Coolpool79 is seen around the island making people laugh . Here is what more Daffodaily5 has said about Coolpool79 :


I think Coolpool79 really lives up to his name! He's always seen around the island making people laugh and putting smiles on the faces of neeeigh-bours. Cool iggy too. 

If you know someone who likes to help others , or is just a great online friend , let our team know via the Contact us page! 


-Club Penguin Team 
Congrats Coolpool79, making people laugh is the best thing you can ever image, because laughing is the best medicine, and you don't want to get sick :P . 


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