20 jun. 2013

Puffle Digging!

Hello there!

Got a puffle? Great! Because there is a new feature of Puffles and for Puffle Owners...Puffle Digging!

All you need to do is to take ANY kind of puffle you have, then take it to several rooms and waddle anywhere and your puffle will dig for treasure randomly! I tried it with my White Puffle, Snow White LOL. Look!

I tried this at the Mine Shack but it works in other rooms too such as the Stadium for example. Look:
It works in other rooms also! Such as the Forest, Ski Village, and even the Everyday Phoning Facility!
Currently, we can dig coins. But in July, Members will be able to dig up for RARE ITEMS! Sweet for many huh?
Not only that but there stamps for it also! But I will talk about that in a separate  blog post.
What do you think of this new addition? Personally, I really like this feature! It is another easy way to get coins! Comment below with your thoughts! I always love hearing from you.

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