21 oct. 2013

Halloween Party 2013 Cheats!

Hello there penguins...or should I say...Zombies, Werewolves and Vamps? :}

Today I bring you a post showing you EVERYTHING of the Halloween Party 2013.

This year candies and sweets takes over the party! In most rooms, you will notice a Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin.

Click on the pumpkin. After that, you will need to pick 3 candies.

Then, there will be an amount of candy you will get and sometimes, you might even get a transformation sweet also

Then, the pumpkin you got candy from will take its tongue out indicating that you can't obtain more sweets from that pumpkin.

When you click on it, something will pop-up saying to get more candies from another pumpkin.

At the upper right corner of your screen, there is an icon which its a bag full of candies.

When you click on it, this will appear:

As you can see, there is a Fang Fudge sweet and if you click on it, you will be able to transform in it (Keep scrolling down to see the transformations). The bad thing...the transformations are for members only...

If you are a non-member and click on any of the transformation sweets, a membership note will pop up.

There is a catalog on the bottom right corner of your screen, its icon is a tombstone.

The catalog contains many new and old items. 3 items are for non-members and the rest is for members.

If you don't have enough candy to buy an item, a note will pop up:

However, if a non-member tries to buy an item only for members, a membership note will pop up

For those of you guys who have seen the Halloween Party 2013 trailer (Posting that later), a puffle appears with a Pumpkin Hat. Its very cute :3

On a playercard:


Keep earning all the transformation sweets to earn a free item! The Wrapper Head.

In case you can't read, it says:

"Woo hoo! You got all nine of the cursed candies. Take your prize! These neat hats are totally not cursed...I think."

Hopefully Rookie...

Now to the transformations!

There are 3 transformations in total but 3 kinds each. That's 9 transformations in total. You can transform into a werefolf, vampire or zombie. I am not going to list ALL the transformations. I will only list 3 transformations, 1 of each. Every wave is different

For the werefolf, if you dance, you will howl

For the vampire, if you dance, you will transform into a Bat Puffle

And finally, if you transform into a zombie and dance, you will do this:

At the Lighthouse, you can watch Night of the Living Sled. Instead of each room showing a part of the series, at the lighthouse it shows all the series...Unfortunately there isn't a Night of the Living Sled 4 this year...

You can also go Trick-Or Treating! Check out the map:

You can go Trick-Or-Treating by the map, or by the Stadium too:

After that, a list will pop up showing the members who got the special Jack-O-Lantern. (In case you ask why the list is empty, its because I was in an empty server)

Trick-Or-Treating is actually the same. Pick up 3 candies, blah blah =P

Let's not forget you can meet Rookie during this party.

Rookie has a new background for this party also. It is very similar to Gary's Halloween 2012 Background.

This is how it looks like on your playercard:

Also, almost EVERY room is decorated! Check out the Snow Dojo for example, what a view!

Puffle Hotel Roof:

Cloud Forest:

And the Ski Hill:

I won't mention EVERY room decorated. I will do it in another separate post.

Here is a video of me during the party: (Coming Soon)

How far do you like this party? I will rate it 9/10 :) The party is very great, however, there aren't ANY party rooms and the Ghost transformation from last year didn't return. What a disappointment! However, my favorite Halloween Party would be 2011.

How many Halloween Parties have you went to?


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