10 oct. 2013

Halloween Party 2013 Construction!

Hey there!

Since the Halloween Party 2013 starts in October 17, CP updated some rooms with preparations for the party.

At the Beach, you can see a clawed box and a crate filled with goo...Gooey...

If you waddle to the Dock, you can see another crate filled with goo and a coffin.

The University/School is updated too with another clawed box (Unbelievable...a new room being decorated a lot of times lately).

Let's not forget the Forest! It contains another clawed box and a crate filled with goo!

And finally, if you waddle to the Cove, you will see the Cove is updated with a coffin also.

Better hope the Halloween Party is EPIC! I normally like Halloween Parties more than Holiday Parties


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