21 oct. 2013

Twitter bits - Future Surprises - My Penguin, November Party, Card-Jitsu, MORE

Hello there!

Over the past few weeks, Spike Hike tweeted many interesting tweets. Let's start first with this tweet. Spike Hike says that later this Fall, there might be something awesome coming this Fall (Possibly new CP Store?)

Next, Spike Hike talks about Card-Jitsu:

The next tweet is the same but this time, Spike Hike mentions that the new Card-Jitsu will come out next year (Card-Jitsu Shadow?)

The next tweet is about My Penguin. Looks like My Penguin will be most likely released on Android this Spring 2014...Bummer...

However, looks like it will come out on iPhone first!

Then, Spike Hike talks more about iPhones:

Looks like Spike Hike is doing his best on making My Penguin to every device possible

Then, Spike Hike mentions that there will be a special musical for the 8th Anniversary Party:

Then, Spike Hike recently said...

And finally, looks like Rsnail returns for the 8th Anniversary Party! Remember when he visited during the Star Wars Takeover?
Well looks like Operation: Puffle is real...HIDE YOUR PUFFLES HIDE YOUR WIFE! D:


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