1 ago. 2013

Club Penguin Times Issue #406

Hello there

Like I said before, I would do the posts later since many stuff weren't unavailable. However, I heard that most people got the items and the new newspaper available before already. However, not for me and some few people more.

Well anyways. The main headline of this newspaper still talks of the Star Wars Takeover. It talks about Infiltrate the Death Star.

"Infiltrate the Death Star" (Continued...)

Second article talks about the Imperial Force gettin' bigger! O.o we got penguin traitors...

And the final article are (Like always), the Upcoming Events! 

Hmm...good updates! And looks like the Penguin Style will be released once again on the Second Week...I thought it would be released on the 3rd week because of the party however...well that's still fine for me.

What are you looking most forward to? Leave your comments below. ;)

-Phineas99 da Jedi

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