9 ago. 2013

Everyday Phoning Facility TRICK!

Hey guys!

I found an epic trick today! If you miss the old Everyday Phoning Facility look (Which I doubt that =P), or simply want to see, then just go to the Book Room, then go to the Yearbook 2009 - 2010, Then go to the June 2010 Page.

Then click on the letters from the First pic of the Everyday Phoning Facility. Click on the letters "E" "P" "F" (Which stands for EPF). Then click on the 2nd picture and click on the Agent's Spy Phone.

Then you will get this message from The Director:

Then you will be in the OLD Phoning Facility from the test! :O

This also works if someone sent you the EPF Recruitment Postcard and you click on "Go There!"

Also, this works in new penguins too!

So enjoy this old room as you can because I bet this room swf might be either replaced or deleted soon...


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