9 ago. 2013

Yavin 4 Available! Destroy the Death Star!

Well jedis...your time has come...


First of all, to destroy the Death Star to do kaboom...go to Yavin 4.

Then you will be in Yavin 4:

Then go to the Spaceship with the R2D2 Puffle

Then a menu will appear. Similar to the minigame where you defeat the Stormtroopers.

Then you will be playing a game!


To move the spaceship, use the left and right keys, to acelerate faster press the up key, to slow down press the down key and to shoot press the Space Bar key.

Keep doing that the same to keep collecting more items.

Then when you go to Level #3, member or not, play it. There is a surprise at the end of the game...

Once you finish the level. Cadence will give you a free reward which its a medal!

This is how ALL the X-Wing Items look in your penguin. Playercard and in-game:

In a Playercard:


Here is a video of it:

Oh! And one more thing. If you go to the Ski Hill, Beach, Dock, Town or the Iceberg, you will notice that the Death Star seems "kaboomed" =P (In other words, destroyed).

How did you like this party? I personally thought that the party was boring on the 1st week of the party but now I had fun on the party! And you?

-Phineas99 da Jedi

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