15 ago. 2013

Ruby and the Ruby returns at the Stage!

Hey guys

An old but favorite play...yep...Ruby and the Ruby returns at the Stage!

However, nothing changed on the plot

There is also a pin hidding here somewhere...If you want to get the pin, then follow these instructions


First, go on the Detective's Desk, then click on the drawer

Next, go to the Trash Can

Then, go to the Desk Lamp

Almost there! Next go to the Flower Pot

And at last, click on the Portrait 2 times

Ta daa! You found the Ruby Pin!

There is also a new Costume Trunk released!

Sadly there is only one cheat.

For the cheat, go to the 1st page, then click on the 3 lines (|||) for the...

Dark Detective's Coat!

Sadly...about the Ruby pin...the pin is old...Man I normally like this play when a new pin is out...I hope the next time there is...


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