1 ago 2013

Teen Beach Movie Takeover CONFIRMED! D=

Hey guys

Sad news...it has been confirmed that there would be a...TEEN BEACH MOVIE TAKEOVER NEXT MONTH!

How do I know? Just check the URL Link from the newest "Summer Party 2013" Homepage. Then you will notice it says "Teen Beach" Take a look at it. I pointed it out anyways in case you didn't see...

*Sigh* This means no Rockhopper this Summer...I hope there is another Fair WITH Rockhopper and I better hope they don't do another ad party like a Dumbo Takeover or something...

3 Classic, epic, incredible and amazing parties = Summer Party + Music Jam + Water Party = BEST PARTY EVER!!! + Teen Beach Movie = Probably the worst party ever...

How dare Club Penguin destroy 3 amazing parties even my favorite party of all which is the Music Jam and an epic party I loved back in 2008 like the Water Party to a Disney Channel Original Movie? More likely unoriginal =/

Please Club Penguin...Marvel was great, Ultimate Jam was good (They were partially advertising Shake It Up with only adding the Rocky and CeCe sprites), Temple of Fruit was fine, Monsters University was satisfying, and Star Wars is ok...but Teen Beach Movie? I can't wait for September...

They might probably replace the Penguin Band with some characters from the movie! UGH! I want to meet Penguin Band! I haven't met them last year cuz of Rocky and CeCe... =( (I met them in 2011 however...)


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