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August 2013 Party Announcement


Still curious about the party coming next month? No more! Polo Field made a new post on the What's New Blog, talking about next month's party.

Here is what he says:

Hello Penguins!
Many of you have asked what party is coming to Club Penguin in August. We’ve also seen lots of suggestions...
“Make a Summer Party!”
“Bring back the Water Party!”
“Why not Music Jam?”
So we thought, why not make a party with ALL of those great ingredients? A classic Club Penguin party with surfing, swimming, beaches, and of course... Music! Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on:

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting a special video announcement about the party next week on the blog.
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

It must be pretty obvious that next month there would be some kind of a Teen Beach Movie Takeover... I thought this party would be epic and awesome and probably the best party ever...until they will put Teen Beach Movie...*sigh*

Honestly, the Beach looks pretty neat but the party would be BETTER without advertising the movie.

I hope the party is good at least...but why August? Why couldn't it be in July? Teen Beach Movie was released for most people in July and also, July is more of a Summer-y Month. Most people return on August to school...like me sadly :( (I return in August 19).

What do you think of it? Comment below


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