28 jul. 2013

Star Wars Takeover Glitch! Stand on Walls

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday I found an awesome glitch during the Star Wars Takeover. Its about standing on walls! I am NOT joking and to prove it, here I will show you how to do it.

First of all, this is pretty easy and you don't even need to hack. You only need ANY lightsaber to do this glitch. However, you need to be a member since the items are for members sadly...

Anyways, go to ANY room you wish (This works in Party Rooms as well). Then, wear the lightsaber (Any lightsaber).  After that, all you will need to do is to dance. Yep, dance. After that, click anywhere (In the walls, any part of the room). After that you will be able to go to that part and now you are standing on the walls!

Now if you tried this glitch, you might ask "How will I go back to normal?". Simple, just use the lightsaber and dance again and you will go back over there.

However, there are 2 points to clear out.

The 1st point is that some people might see you on the walls while others wouldn't. While the 2nd point is that you can't walk on walls but simply stand on them.

Here are some pictures that I took while doing this glitch. Tee hee hee :]

Do it before Club Penguin knows about that and they fix this awesome glitch ;) Probably this glitch wont work after the party also so...enjoy!


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