8 jul. 2013

Blog News #1

Hello there

Like you probably remember I used to do blog news informing about what's going on in my blog, some further information, and more. I decided to bring it back and to explain everything

*Sorry for the delay of my posts. Some I simply forgot to do it but others I was focusing in other things. I was doing a video with all the cheats for the Monsters University Takeover for example but the video turned horrible and I don't know what happened. I promise to start re-blogging once again this Wednesday/Thursday.
*I am planning a show on YouTube which its about me and some funny stuff also but well...You will know that soon! However I will just say that this won't be here for a while...
*Soon I will create a Facebook Page this month. I will reveal my FB Page once I create it.
*I will do a new page for a list of all the codes. Reusable Codes, Coin Codes, Book Codes, etc probably this month or in August
*I will also do a Main Social XAT Group and by that way you will be able to track Mascots, and discuss about many other things of Club Penguin but this will be released this month or in August
*And finally, I might start working on Pin Trackers and Probably Mascot Trackers during the months of July 2013 - September 2013/October 2013. The Pin Tracker for sure but I doubt its possible to do a Mascot Tracker

To end up this post I will start focusing on this blog nowadays. I hope you understood everything and thanks for your attention


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