17 jul. 2013

Penguin of the Day - July 17, 2013

Hey there!

A new day, another penguin is being featured on the blog! Read Daffodaily5's Post about it


Agent Blanco is one committed EPF Agent! When he isn’t tracking down that pesky polar bear, Herbert, he’s doing his best to help catch rogue penguins. Ace work, ace goggles. 

As always, Contact Us with your nominations.


-Club Penguin Team

Congratulations Agent Blanco! Keep up the good work! 
*Details - By his name says "Agent Blanco", he must mean he is a penguin from the Spanish Language because if you translate his name in English, it will name "White Agent" instead. And if you ask me, I didn't use Google Translate. I know Spanish ;)

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