10 jul. 2013

Club Penguin Times Issue #403

Hey there!

Today is Thursday so you know what it means? Yepp...there is a new issue of the Club Penguin Times (as usual) and this marks the 403th issue being published. Who remembers the 400th CP Times? Good times...Well anyways on the first article it talks about something approaching Club Penguin. As of what it seems, it is the Death Star...Uh Oh! Darth Herbert is coming...


The second part of the newspaper talks about Item Digging (which I will post later)

And finally, it talks about the Upcoming Events...

So here are the Upcoming Events which we will see soon!

*July 18: July 2013 Furniture Catalog
*July 25: Star Wars Takeover (Blast into Space)
*July 25: New Pin

Excited for Star Wars Takeover? ;)


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