11 jul. 2013

July 2013 Penguin Style Catalog

Hello there again!

Remember the Penguin Style Catalog? Well there is a NEW one here! However CP broke its traditions because of the Monsters University Takeover. I hope you have enough coins saved in your pocket for BRAND new Summer Outfits!
There are also 2 new backgrounds for the Star Wars Takeover along with 2 other old but favorite backgrounds.
This month's Penguins At Work is the Construction Worker!
Now let's check out the Penguin Style!

1st Page

2nd Page

...And 3rd Page

Unfortunately, there aren't any cheats for the catalog but hey! These are TOTALLY new items! So let's be glad at least! The clothes are really stylish if you ask me. How are you liking this month's Penguin Style? And what is your favorite item out of all of these? You are free to share your thoughts! :)


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