25 jul. 2013

Star Wars Takeover Cheats!


This is the party you were probably ALWAYS waiting for. Yep, the Star Wars Takeover is FINALLY taking place at the island RIGHT NOW! And here are all the cheats and things you need to know from the party:

Once you log in, the same cinematic short will appear. However you can click the X button to skip it.

After that you will appear alone at the Millenium Falcon and you will meet Cadence. However you can't get her stamp, background or send her a request.
Then she will tell you to go to planet Tatooine and well...like she said obviously =P go to planet Tatooine to defeat the Stormtroopers

After you go to planet Tatooine, you will spot several Stormtroopers in some several rooms so click on them to play a Special Game for the party only ;)
Like I said once you click them, you will now play a special minigame for the party only. There are
prizes also! (Like Card-Jitsu Snow)
To play, you must hit a snowball to a Stormtrooper with the mouse, and if you want to move, then press the Spacebar. 

After defeating all the Stormtroopers, you will meet another Stormtrooper but bigger and powerful. He is the boss of this level. It is kinda hard so you need to pay close attention!
After that you will finally finish the battle (hopefully) and now you are able to earn your prize! Its the Stormtrooper Helmet. Level 2 and Bonus are Members only...sorry non-members!
After that Cadence will give you a message. Then you are now over and you will need for wait another week to infiltrate the Death Star!
Wait there's more...!

There is also a special catalog for the party and you will be able to dress up as some of your favorite Star Wars characters such as Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, Princess Leia, etc.

First Page

Second Page
...And Third Page

I know there are 2 more pages but the 4th Page will be released in August 1st and the 5th Page on August 8th. Looks like we will need to wait more in the meanwhile...

Wanna become a Jedi? All right but this is for members only...yet again non-members! I hope they don't get excluded ALL the time...

First click over the Rebel Logo and just like how you went to Tatooine, there is something at the bottom of it to become a Jedi. Click on it and Obi-Wan Sensei will show you!

After that, you will get a lightsaber to start doing lightsaber duels with others! If you win over 30 Lightsaber Duels, you will get these!

Also, keep doing more Lightsaber Duels to get these items!

You will need to wait until August 1st to infiltrate the Death Star and August 8th to go to planet Yavin 4.
And finally...Party Emotes!
How are you liking the party? Leave a comment below

~Phineas99 da Jedi

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