11 jul. 2013

School FINALLY opens! ...And new redesigned Mine Shack!

Hey there!

Big updates! The Mine Shack has FINALLY been redesigned to "The Journey...". And the School came with the Mine Shack also! Sad part is that the School replaces the Recycling Plant but almost nobody went there anyways...

Well anyways first of all, you will also see the Map updated (How come it doesn't show up the Puffle Hotel in the Map yet?)

Then, you will see a new and different modernized Mine Shack!
And when you enter into the School, the room will look like this:
Not bad not bad...But when you go into the other door, you will get into the Stadium mysteriously...

Something noteworthy also is that the Sports Shop Stand has been replaced for a path to the School...creepy...

So how are you liking the School room? The room is really nice but I just wish it had more stuff...Also the School replaced the Recycling Plant and that is a real mistake of Club Penguin...Nobody went in there normally but they could have still left it there and do a path in the Snow Forts or in the Forest a path to the entrance of the School and over there, you could get into the School WITHOUT replacing a room or modifying a room! Yet CP doesn't understand well...*sigh*...

How are you liking the room? Comment below with your thoughts


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